"It is to the Degree at Which a Person Thinks and Believes that Determines the Degree at Which They Arrive."  Writer Unknown

     Our mission is to teach and develop athletes into fundamentally sound competitors while maximizing their potential to compete on local, state and national levels resulting in national recognition and collegiate exposure.

     The overall objective of the WOS Club is to inspire Youth on all levels.  Whether you're a beginner or an elite track runner, we want to help you meet your best personal records.  Although training is tough, we want to create an environment that will positively impact each athlete.

     Our club also understands the need to train Youth according to their age group unless they are willing to experience higher levels of training within their abilities.

      The Wings of Skill Seal:  In the right claw, the eagle holds the winged track shoe.  This symbolizes the athletes" love or growing love for the spirit of competition in track and field.  The emblem in the eagles' left claw symbolizes the power of steel sharpening stell.  In this idea, Champions distill in others the will to become Champions through training and positive encouragement.  The "Wings of Skill" thought, comes from the perfected design of the eagle's wings and the ability of the wings to slice through the air with terrific speeds and power.

      The "Total Person" concept derives from the ideal competitive athlete.  Although he or she wins or loses, they decide to do so in a classy manner.  This person is an athlete whose values are in-tact and are an example to their peers.  You can count on them to hold good character in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.  If you're not quite there yet, continue to press toward the mark.  Such challenges will follow you throughout life.  7 Values that are hard to live without:

1.  Setting Goals

2.  Personal Courage 

3.  Healthy Determination with Humility

4.  Never Give Up

5.  Respecting Others

6.  Honor to Self, Family, Beliefs and Your Club

7.  Integrity


1.  Most Valuable Sprinter (MVS)

2.  Most Valuable Runner (MVR)

3.  Most Valuable Field Events (MVF)

4.  Most Improved (MI)

5.  The "Iron Eagle Award"  (IEA)

6.  The "Eagle Award"  (EA)

7.  The "Hard Mile Award"  ((THM)

The Hard Mile

      The Hard Mile Award is to recognize someone who has faced a troubling time.  This award is for someone who had not only the courage but the determination and strength to face the challenge they were given, to persevere through difficult times and yet not back down.

      To me this award is more than a trophy, it is a personal triumph.  For myself, and for those to come, this is for people who fought for it and climbed that mountain, that's what it means to me.  Remember that it's good to have a goal but, you may have to climb the mountain one ridge at a time to get to it.

      During this challenging time, it is important to remember your team is family.  We man not be related but you are just as important to me as my family.  I want to thank my team and especially Coach Johnson for their endless support and motivation.  I could not have done it without you.

See you on the track soon!

Patricia Ann Denholm