The Wings of Skill Track Club

The Wings of Skill Youth Track Club (WOSYTC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a club member of USA Track & Field (USATF) which is the national governing body of track and field.  As a result of being a member of USATF, the WOSYTC is a competitive level club.  The intent of the program is to privide proper training for the events of track & field, to engage in competition with other USATF clubs locally-regionally-nationally and to have fun.  Athletes also gain valuable educational, social, and travel experiences while developing confidence and respect for themselves and others.

Summer Track Program

The Summer Track Program runs from May through early August.  WOSYTC particpates in several meets during the season to include district, regional and national meets which are held at various locations.  The WOSYTC travels to local meets in the Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville areas.  We also may go as far as Memphis and Knoxville for district qualifier meets.  These may require overnight accommodations depending on the convenience of your family.  Athlete's and their parents are generally responsible for transportation and lodging expenses for all meets, we try to provide options to those in need.

Summer Training-for-Skills Programs (STSP)

Training for Skills Program is for student-athletes who simply desire to stay in top shape and who desire to obtain better running skills.  This program is $150 for participation and includes a WOSYTC T-Shirt.  Individuals whol choose this program will not be able to participate in Summer competition.  However, student-athletes may request late participation if it is not too late to perform in the District and Regional National Qualifier meets.  Age categories are determined by the age of the athlete by 31 December of each year.  See cutoffs below:


Primary:  8 & Under

Sub-Bantam:  9

Bantam:  10

Sub-Midget:  11

Midget:  12

Sub-Youth:  13

Youth:  14

Intermediate:  15-16

Young Men & Young Women:  17-18


Bantam:  8-10 & Under

Midget:  11-12

Youth:  13-14

Intermediate:  15-16

Young Men & Young Women:  17-18

High school athletes competing for their schools are eligible to compete for the WOSYTC after their school season is over.  Registration will remain open for those students who desire to run with the club once TSSAA rules are satisfied.  Junior high school athletes competing for their schools are eligible to compete for the WOSYTC before their school season is over, but must get permission from their junior high school coach in advance.

Indoor Opportunities and Winter Conditioning Program

The WOSYTC encourages athletes to compete during the indoor season which runs from December through March.  Those individuals participating in the indoor season can start conditioning with WOSYTC as early as mid-October.  WOSYTC encourages athletes to compete with various indoor track competitions both in and out of state.  Some meets encouraged by WOSYTC are by way of invitation only.  Athletes would have generally had to run previously in meets managed by a Meet Manager System, not to exceed a 1 year window.  Some meets will allow hand-times that are converted into Meet Manager times.  Normal expenses during indoor season are generally transportation and lodging expenses for meets, we try to provide options to those in need.